Jeromyah Jones

Jeromyah Jones is a visionary for justice, writer of truth, painter of life, and poet of love who is painting in the creative footsteps of his father, Jerome W. Jones, Jr. He holds a 2011 Bachelor of Arts degree in Comprehensive Art from Hampton University. His work has been profiled by CNN, The Undefeated, SLAM, Ebony, CHESS Magazine UK, Complex, GRIT, JET, Huffington Post, LAND Magazine, and USA┬áToday. Jeromyah’s mission is to design and redefine the G.A.M.E. (Great Art Music and Education).

” At this period in my life I feel that it is my duty to be a leader in life and in the world of art. As a painter, my mission is to portray and define the true essence of beauty. I believe art is the universal language that has the power to speak to the hearts and minds of the young and old. I hope people will recognize the love, the hunger, and dedication that I have for painting. I want my work to inspire, enlighten, and uplift those who have the courage to look beyound the technique, the images, and the colors that unite the physical composition. There is a personal yet universal message that lies beneath the surface of each painting.”

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